About Us

Entrepreneurship 101 is an initiative of Smart Business Solutions – an organisation that is passionate about entrepreneurship and developing entrepreneurs and SMEs through a process of enablement, engagement and empowerment.

The Entrepreneurship 101 Online eLearning Portal provides entrepreneurs and SME business owners with access to a growing library of relevant online soft skills short courses to enhance their entrepreneurial skillset and / or improve the skills of their own employees.

Features That Actively Engage Users

Free and Paid Short Courses

Gaining relevant knowledge and skills can be a costly exercise. We are offer both free and paid for online short courses that are practical and help equip and develop entrepreneurial skills. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Practical Focus

The courses offered and lessons therein provide an insight into entrepreneurship and what is required to start a new business or better manage an existing business organisation.  The lessons focus on providing practical skills that can be applied immediately by students.

Interactive Lessons

The topics within lessons have been created in a manner that provides for a media rich user experience.  The course material includes notes, video, audio, ebooks, handouts, quizzes, tests and assignments among other things.  All these together provide an engaging study experience.

Reports & Analytics

Our reporting and analytics allows you to monitor your own progress as a student as well as the progress of your employees if you utilise the Entrepreneurship 101 Online eLearning Portal as an in-house online training platform for your organisation.  Learning paths can also be created.

Social Interaction

The platform provides for enhanced profiles where you can customise your user profile, manage your personal information, view your courses and achievements and engage with other students and the instructors through instant chat platforms, messages and forums.

Fully Mobile Compatible

We have utilised the latest technology in developing the Entrepreneurship 101 Online eLearning Portal so that ou are able to access the platform from any devices.  Your online courses on the eLearning Portal can be accessed from desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Course Library

A Growing Soft Skills Course Library

We have a growing short course library which is focused on entrepreneurship and the relevant knowledge and skills required to run a successful business organisation.  The online short courses on offer cover a wide range of soft skills required by entrepreneurs.  We are focused on launching a new short course each month.

Going Forward - Phase Two

Technology has been an integral part of any business organisation from presentations to sending emails to drafting agreements.  Microsoft has played a large part in how we use and engage with the software applications.  A Microsoft Office course library is on the roadmap going forward.

Tangible Benefits For Entrepreneurs

Enhanced Entrepreneurial Skillset

Always Available - 24/7/365

Affordable - Optional Payment Plans

Study At Your Own Pace

Tangible Benefits For SMEs

Increased Employee Retention

Cost Savings and Increased Revenues

Engaging In-House LMS

Improved Employee Productivity