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R 200.00 / month for 6 months and a R 3,600.00 sign-up fee

  • COURSE PRICE: R6,000
  • UPFRONT DISCOUNT: 20% - Save R1,200
  • DISCOUNTS: Extra 10% - 20% Available
  • COURSE STATUS: Active / Available
  • COURSE TYPE: Online Short Course
  • DURATION: 6 Months Self Study
  • RECOGNITION: Non-Accredited


Entrepreneurship is not for the fainthearted!  There is no greater experience than running your own business and being the master of your own destiny. However, to become a successful entrepreneur, you will need to build your entrepreneurial skillset.  Entrepreneurship is not an easy journey and many individuals who start out down this road are poorly equipped and lack the necessary entrepreneurial skillset to succeed.

There are many steps you must take just to prepare yourself to begin the journey, and once you have started your business, there are many more steps just to maintain the business.  This online short course is designed to enable, engage and empower you with the entrepreneurial skills and tools that you need to start, run, and grow you business in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


The promo video below provides a great introduction to what this online short course has to offer.

Who Is This For?

This online short course is ideal for you if:

  • You have always wanted to start something on your own
  • You have an idea but don’t know if it is a viable business idea
  • You are looking for an understanding and essential skills and direction towards launching your own business
  • You are already running your own business and want to develop your entrepreneurial skillset
  • You have an existing business but cannot figure out how to go about growing the business

Course Benefits

On completion of this online short course, you will:

  • Have a greater understanding of the characteristics and traits of entrepreneurs
  • Learn more about entrepreneurship – the process of designing, launching and running your own business
  • Increase your ability to generate and identify new business opportunities and evaluate them
  • Understand the different life cycle stages of a small business and be able to identify what stage you are in
  • Become more familiar with business modeling and how to use the Business Model Canvas
  • Be able to develop a business model for your new or existing business and test the assumptions therein
  • Understand the legal structures available for businesses in South Africa and how to register a legal entity
  • Become more familiar with the structure and contents of a business plan and how to compile a plan
  • Learn how to finance your business idea and what finance options are available in South Africa
  • Gain the necessary understanding of the recruitment process and how to hire and train staff
  • Increase your understanding on marketing your business using both traditional and digital marketing approaches
  • Become familiar with the routine management tasks and disciplines involved in running a business
  • Gain an understanding of the different options available to grow a business
  • Begin to develop your “entrepreneurial skillset” for your entrepreneurial journey
  • Understand the key entrepreneurial mindsets required to become a successful entrepreneur

Structure & Curriculum

The online short course is structured as a self study course over 6 months to give you the flexibility to work through the course curriculum when it suits you. You will gain access to the first lesson once you have enrolled, and subsequent topics/lessons will be released on a regular schedule over the course of the 6 months.

The course material covers more than 70 topics, 12 quizzes and case studies across the 14 lessons below.

  • Lesson 01 – Introduction to entrepreneurship (5)
  • Lesson 02 – Decide on the type of business (5)
  • Lesson 03 – What are the market conditions (6)
  • Lesson 04 – The small business life cycle (6)
  • Lesson 05 – Develop your business model (7)
  • Lesson 06 – The first steps in starting a business (6)
  • Lesson 07 – Creating a business plan (4)
  • Lesson 08 – Financing your business idea (4)
  • Lesson 09 – Hiring employees (5)
  • Lesson 10 – Training employees (4)
  • Lesson 11 – Marketing your business (7)
  • Lesson 12 – Running your business (7)
  • Lesson 13 – Growing your business (4)
  • Lesson 14 – Wrapping up (1)

The course is a non-accredited course and is accessible on PC, tablet and smartphone. The course curriculum is only available in English. You will receive continual support and guidance as you progress through the various lessons in your own time.

What You Get

On successful completion of this online short course, you will:

  • Be awarded a Certificate of Completion for the online short course for Entrepreneurship 101
  • Receive access to a FREE online “Am I An Entrepreneur – Self Assessment Tool
  • Be awarded the Entrepreneurship 101 Course badge

Payment Options

There are three payment options available for this course. These are:

PAY IN FULL – Pay R4,200 and get a 30% discount – save R1,800 (click here)

SIGN-UP FEE & INSTALLMENTS – Pay a R1,500 sign-up fee and installments of R650 pm x 6 months and save R600 (click here)

INSTALLMENTS – Installments of R1,000 pm x 6 months and pay no sign-up fee (click here)