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You don’t have to come from a certain background to be an entrepreneur – men, women and youth of all ages and cultures from all over the world are starting businesses. In fact, every hour of every day, new businesses are started in South Africa.

We do know that there are four Capital Factors associated with success in business:

  • Human
  • Psychological
  • Sociological
  • Financial

This self-assessment package is designed to evaluate your Capital Factors – areas where you are strong, and areas where you could use some help. It is important that you realistically assess your Capital Factors. Be honest – there is no judgement here. Areas of weakness can be developed over time with proper training, education, entrepreneurial skills development, practice and experience – and then you’ll have a great foundation for entrepreneurship.

Permission has been granted by the GoForthInstitute to utilise their entrepreneur assessment as part of the Entrepreneurship 101 Course curriculum.

Access to the “Am I An Entrepreneur” self assessment package

FREE access to the assessment is granted to students who have signed up for the Entrepreneurship 101 Course and have completed Lesson 1 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship.